Nannoid is another clone of Arkanoid, set in the outer space
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Nannoid is a game where you need to bounce a ball against bricks using a paddle. In other words, it is another clone of Arkanoid. You will be playing in a square area with one uncovered side, which you will have to defend using your paddle. The ball will bounce off any of the other three sides. You will have to prevent the ball from falling off the board. Your goal is to make it bounce against the bricks in order to destroy them.

You will need to destroy a certain number of bricks to get to the next level. You will lose a life each time the ball falls beyond your paddle. When all lives are lost, the game is be over. Some bricks, when hit, will release special items. If you catch those items, something will happen - sometimes it will be good (your paddle becomes bigger, the ball multiplies, you get an extra life, etc.), and sometimes it will be bad (the paddle shrinks). As levels go up, you will encounter new difficulties, like bricks that must be hit more than once to be destroyed. Nannoid takes place in the outer space. You will see planets and comets in the background. The sound effects are funny (the explosion effect was made using a human voice).

Daniel Ángel Romero
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